Der Struwwelpeter

Our modern version of Shockheaded Peter is well underway here in Kassel, as we huddle outside on a fire-escape staircase at TUP. It is a 15 minute break during rehearsals, and the 'we' concerned are the youth theatre members making up our ensemble, and me and baritone Tomasz from the Staatstheater (who consider ourselves honorary teenagers for the 6 weeks in question). We have surged into the cool of this dreary June day, escaping the heat of the rehearsal room. This is an active show, and many of my young colleagues also study at the local clowning school, so we have acrobatics, fire-eaters and trapeze artists. No wonder our rehearsal room becomes a sauna come 11.30am.

I am playing the Mother role in our Struwwelpeter, which doesn't quite fit in with my idea of myself as a born again teenager, but seems perfectly feasible to the others!


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