Premiere Candide | Staatstheater Kassel

'The best of all possible worlds'
LinLin Fan (Cunegonde), Daniel Holzhauser (Maximilian), Philipp Basener (Pangloss), Belinda Williams (Paquette), Daniel Jenz (Candide)
Photo: Klinger

Rehearsing 'Candide' at Staatstheater Kassel, under director Philipp Rosendahl and assistant director Volker Michl, has been hilariously fun and outrageously enjoyable. I am playing the character Paquette, the serving girl who accompanies Candide in his search for the 'best of all possible worlds'. Our show also features video by Daniel Hengst, for which we filmed on location in a tropical greenhouse, and worked in a fake diamond mine, complete with spray on sweat between takes. Our show is a high-octane modern romp across continents and ages, featuring Artificial Intelligence, the Spanish Inquisition, flamenco dancing cowboys, singing sheep, Japanese gameshows, 1920s zombies, lots of rip-off Beyoncé dance moves and Donald Trump. The show runs until June, with ticket details here.

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And here is the trailer, but the fantastic videographer David Worm:


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