Premiere 'Hänsel und Gretel' in Wuppertal

The snow is so heavy in Wuppertal, that my commute to tonight's premiere involved snow boots, shovels and a lot of trying not to slip on the ice. Once inside the theatre, a bevy of gingerbread goodies and colourful cards are waiting in my dressing room, for this my house- and role-debut as 'Gertrud' in Wuppertal. As all Gertruds will attest, the most nerve-wracking moment of the show for Hänsel and Gretel's mummy is managing to successfully break the prop jug onstage. Sometimes the stubborn china will drop from the table and sit there, intact and goading, necessitating some sneaky secondary breaking. After all, if the supper does not end up on the floor, the children will not be sent out into the woods to pick strawberries, and the evening will be foreshortened.

The first night audience appeared more than happy to have braved the snowstorm, and the after show party involved more hot chocolate than champagne.


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