Berlin audition

New to Germany, there are a few agents for whom I am keen to sing. Here, unlike in the UK, one can have many agents, sometimes each specialising in getting their singers different kinds of work. My first audition is for a very well-respected agent based in Berlin.

I last travelled to Berlin a decade ago, and remember it being achingly stylish, vast, and utterly impenetrable. I braved my across-town Underground journey with all the can-do chutzpah of a Londoner. Eager to be there early, after having been told that German auditions can be cattle-calls, I find myself alone for an hour in the warehouse space where the audition is being held, sitting and listening for signs of life in the stairwell. I am first in, all goes well, and I am signed on the spot, leaving hours to wander through Berlin in the October sunlight. I reach the Berliner Dom before I finally give in to my audition-heel-shod complaining feet and catch the ICE back to Kassel.

The Berliner Dom in the October sun


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