Die Fledermaus photos

Henry Manning (Falke), Belinda Williams (Orlofsky) and George Collie (Ivan) in Act II of Die Fledermaus at The Actors' Church, Covent Garden

Belinda Williams - Orlofsky's Aria


Photographer Hannah Barton has just published her great shots of the Iris Theatre & Orchestra of St. Paul's  Die Fledermaus, which we performed last month at the Actors' Church, Covent Garden, conducted by Ben Palmer and directed by Mel Cook. My Prince Orlofsky was a louche and effete Russian playboy, bored by polite Falke's highjinks (played by the soave Henry Manning), and coddled and guarded by bodyguard Ivan (great actor George Collie). 

I love playing a chap, and it was fun to find the body language of a bored, elegant and occasionally violent lush.


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